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House Leveling

We provide shoring and support to arrest structural collapse and restore a level structure

House Jacking

We can lift your house to reverse years of settling - and fix the plaster cracks!

Post & Beam


Hundred year old basement posts & beams deteriorate and fail. We replace them.

Sloping Floors

Build With Us

A laser-leveled map of your sloping floors guides us in bringing your floor back to level!

Structural Repair Minneapolis

Bent Post

Structural Repair- Restore Your Home's Integrity

Minneapolis area homes that met building code 40 years ago can still fail today. Shifting structures, deterioration, and snow load may overwhelm outdated code requirements and result in structural failure. Our association with licensed Minneapolis structural engineers and experience with insurance companies provide professional and reliable structural repair.

Shoring and Support- Prevent Structural Collapse

In the event of structural failure, we provide emergency shoring and support in the Minneapolis area to minimize damages to your home. Our knowledge of shoring requirements will ensure safety throughout the structural repair process.

Installed Finished Post and Beam Systems

In addition to providing structural support, we understand that post and beam systems must match the character of your home. We are the Minneapolis structural repair contractors that balance structural integrity with the look and feel of your home.