Minneapolis-Saint Paul Plaster Wall & Ceiling Repair

We have 42 years of experience repairing walls and ceilings made of original plaster OR drywall. We will respect your home while we work and we will leave it the way you want it. We have performed all types of plaster repairs in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas.

No matter what type of plaster you have or when it was installed we will know how to deal with it. We have performed over 6000 plaster repairs!

Drywall & Plaster Repair Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Water damage, stress cracking - plaster or drywall. We can repair all of it and make it look like new. We can match any texture so walls and ceilings look consistent. If you are searching for plaster texture repair in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, call us today!

We Repair All Damaged Plaster and Drywall

Water damage, stress cracking, even a foot through your plaster or drywall ceiling- our repair will make it look like new. We are considerate of your home and leave it clean when the repair is finished.

We Have the Necessary Experience

Modern designs can include curves and require skilled plaster or drywall techniques. 42 years of experience in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas have taught us to handle any texture, installation, or repair.