You’re not alone! We work with homeowners to correct their structural problems.





Structural Repair Minneapolis

• Restore Your Home's Integrity •

For 42 Years, we have built relationships with Minneapolis area homeowners whose homes are experiencing structural failure. We can also help with structural alterations. We are familiar with all types of remodeling and have extensive experience with repairing failing structure to restore your home’s integrity.

Does your home have a structural flaw? Has it sustained a structural collapse or failure? Do you want to remove a bearing wall? Our association with licensed structural engineers and experience in structural repair will assure your home is repaired professionally and safely.


Post and Beam Replacement
Many Minneapolis homes are held up by post and beam systems that were installed over 100 years ago. Deterioration and rot can compromise these systems resulting in the need for post and beam replacement or repair. with guidance from structural engineers we replace these post and beam systems with steel beams and columns or engineered wood.

Floor Leveling
Failing structural systems can result in collapse, or floors that are badly out of level. It is hard to sell a house that has sloping floors. We level floors, and can also install temporary shoring if you are in danger of a structural collapse. Laser mapping is a tool we use to locate low areas and return your floors to a level condition

Bearing Wall Replacement
Changes in floor plan often result in the need to remove a bearing wall. We can review your design and engineer replacement structure for your new floor plan. We install shoring to hold up your house, remove the wall and install post and beam systems to replace the old structure.

Plaster Repair
We repair cracked or deteriorated walls and ceilings made of plaster or drywall. We can repair water damage and remove old textures. Custom textures, even old and unique styles, are not a problem. We have been doing this for 42 years. We remove popcorn texture and replace with more modern textures. We also repair drywall.